Want to Make the Most of Your Hallway Space? Here Are 7 Creative Solutions

Hallways are transitional spaces between rooms rather than actual living spaces. However, they can greatly impact a home’s appearance and ambience.

As the spaces we traverse before entering our rooms, hallways profoundly influence our mood and mental state. Therefore, it’s crucial to style and design them thoughtfully.

The narrowness of hallways presents a unique challenge, demanding special attention and creative solutions.

We have seven ways to experiment with your home’s hallway space to make the most of it.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Picking art pieces is a great way to highlight your style interests, and while it may be a daunting task, it’s all about bringing your personal vision to life. Start by selecting a theme—a monochromatic wall with your favourite colour scheme, a mix, and match of abstract or modern art, or a personal display of family pictures.

Next, you want to decide on the shapes and sizes of your frames, whether you want fully symmetrical and identically sized images or varied. Choosing various sizes has more advantages because you can use two large pieces and smaller ones to fill in the extra space. Just remember to leave enough room, at least three inches, between frames.

When picking your items, make sure you have a goal in mind and try to match it with the overall aesthetic of your home. Decide on one or two main pieces and use them as inspiration to work through the rest. Plus, don’t forget to create a contrast between the wall colour and your artwork.

2. Transform Nooks For Storage

With a little creative thinking and strategy, small hallway nooks can also accommodate storage solutions; one of the most innovative ways to maximise this space is adding bespoke furniture like off-the-shelf closets or cupboards.

You can create recessed shelves on one side of the hallway for a mini-library or even use it to display decorative objects or pieces of artwork. Unlike ceiling-height storage or wall-mounted cabinets, you can build slim cabinets into the wall, allowing for more breathing space if the hallway is extremely narrow.

Try to use made-to-measure furniture to fill the hallway as much as possible without making it seem overly congested. If you are hiring a professional designer, you can also consider a properly fitted hallway wardrobe or a shoe storage unit instead of leaving freestanding shabby-looking racks.

3. Install Floating Shelves

If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly hallway solution, wall-mounted floating shelves are an exceptional choice because they’re available in different widths. One design idea for such shelves is for platter storage and display, especially if you have antique crockery; it will make for some beautiful wall art.

You can also use floating shelves for wine storage as long as the area is cool and dry. Suppose you have a growing collection of bottles; installing a wine rack in your hallway will add a touch of luxury and help you display your passion for wine.

4. Hang Mirrors Strategically

Installing mirrors automatically elevates a space, making it look brighter and bigger. The same concept can beautify your hallways without compromising on their spatial appearance. You can take the classic route and have a simple but well-placed round mirror or hang multiple decorative mirrors to create the illusion of a balanced yet luxurious space.

You need to be smart for cramped spaces, and that means strategic placement. You can hang mirrors in a way that widens the space. For instance, suppose you have a staircase in your hallway. Place a mirror in front of the stairs to reflect the view of the stairs and elongate the look of your hallway.

You can also use multipurpose solutions by installing mirrored cabinets or mirrors concealed with compartments; this way, you will create a clutter-free space and storage for items lying around your home.

5. Opt for Wall-Hung Solutions

While this first option may not be a wall-hung solution, it does fall into the category of installing wooden panelling along hallway walls. Based on personal preference, choose lengths of moulding that you can attach along the wall and paint them either in contrast or the same as your wall colour.

You can then use this frame to hang artwork, or if you’re feeling creative, paint in simple abstract designs with harmonious colours. If not for panelling, you can hang artistic textured rugs on the wall to create a striking design statement that adds character to an otherwise boring-looking hallway.

Playing around with the ceiling and lighting is also one way to spice up your halfway. Carefully position directional wall lights to highlight your ceiling, and install multiple pendant lights to illuminate and enhance the space effectively.

6. Utilise Space Under The Stairs

Hallways usually have staircases; you can utilise the under-stair space to create numerous functional spaces. For example, you can install a discrete utility cupboard behind a door panel that seamlessly blends with the staircase to store cleaning supplies or sporting gear.

Similarly, you can use this space for pantry storage; this way, you can zone and extend your kitchen storage and take full advantage of the available space. You can also create a whole new room in there, a powder room, to be specific, because it doesn’t need too much space. If the space under your staircase has enough height, you can transform it into a cosy seating area.

7. Multi-Functionality

Hallways can be tiny spaces, so you must recognise their functionality. Since you have to make do with limited space, utilise every square foot by ensuring every piece of decor and furniture serves a purpose or multiple purposes.

For example, you can use a tiny console table to store mail, keys, or any small items, while using the display for decor items. If you’ve placed benches along the hallway, you can have built-in storage, giving you a seating arrangement and a space to neatly tuck away items like bags, shoes, or umbrellas.

You can also install a wall-mounted drop-down table, create a mini workspace, or use it as a breakfast nook, especially for a single-person residence. The overall idea is to think creatively about every element of your hallway space and use it for decor as well as utility.


Although often neglected or underestimated, hallway space has much potential. Consider a challenge; utilise the solutions given above and add more using your imagination. While size may be a limitation, it can be a blessing in disguise. After all, it pushes you to put your best foot forward by being innovative and purposeful with your choice. So, beautify and transform your hallways so people enjoy halting in and passing through them.

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