10 of the Best Storage Hacks from Twitter

10 of the Best Storage Hacks on Twitter

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, there never seems to be enough space!

Thankfully, there are thousands of ingenious people all over the world who dedicate their days to coming up with innovative storage hacks — simple ways to maximise your storage space.

In this blog, we’ve picked out 10 of our favourite ideas from Twitter. So if you’re running out of space, why not try some of these home storage hack and see how much space you can save. Don’t forget to thank the hackers on Twitter too!

#1 Toilet paper tube holders

#2 Install tiers in your bookshelves

#3 Finally a way to sensibly organise cables

#4 Think vertical


#5 Even above the door

Check out the rest of MakeSpace’s ideas here!

#6 Get pesky bikes off the ground

#7 And stop stuffing pans into cupboards


#8 Stop stuffing pans into a cramped cupboard

#9 If you’re feeling thrifty, make your own shoe organiser

#10 Jewellery storage or modern art?

Do you have any brilliant storage hacks? Send us your ideas on Facebook or Twitter!

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