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News, - 20 August 19

Storage Units Lenzie

Organising your home or office can feel like a daunting task. With items crammed into every nook and cranny and piles of paperwork of dubious levels of importance; to say it’s a nightmare would put it lightly. Our storage units in Lenzie can make your life so much easier.

When you move into a new home or office, you enter a stunning empty space that is full of opportunity. Over the years, the available room dwindles and soon it looks decidedly more cluttered than you had once pictured. It happens to everyone. No one can predict the future and when you purchase new furniture or items you’re not necessarily thinking of the longterm plan for the layout of your building. You may think that chair fits in great now, but maybe down the line when you’ve changed the colour of the walls you won’t like it as much. Not everyone has the luxury of just throwing items away. They may hold sentimental value or significant monetary value. In these cases; our storage units in Lenzie are the perfect solution.

Needing extra space to stuff full of accumulated items so as to declutter your home isn’t the only reason why a storage unit is necessary. There are many reasons as to why someone might utilise our storage units in Lenzie. If you’re renovating your existing home or moving into a new home, a storage unit can be an absolute Godsend. Have you ever tried to add a room extension while the house is still full of furniture? It simply doesn’t work. Sure, you can shift furniture around the house depending on where work is completed, but it’s not a nice way to live for a prolonged period of time. As the furniture is stored externally, you can evaluate your new space to determine whether you want to keep your old furniture or totally redesign the interior.

While moving and renovating is usually a planned event; there are times when you’re put in somewhat of a rush. The end of a relationship isn’t a pleasant period of time for anyone involved. While you’re dealing with the emotional side of things, there is also a whole other side you need to deal with if you had decided to move in together. At some point, one person needs to move out and items need divided. Our storage units in Lenzie can make this process a whole lot easier. Instead of rushing and abandoning items in your haste to make life easier, you can utilise a storage unit so you have the space to breathe. You can store your items until you know the next step forward.

Our storage units in Lenzie can also be amazingly useful to businesses. If you’re a smaller business that can’t afford a large warehouse or office, you may quickly release that you need a storage solution. This is especially true if you’re a business that sells physical stock and needs to store high quantities of it. Storage Vault facilities are perfect in this instance. They offer a super-secure place to store stock externally. CCTV runs around the clock, all days of the year, so you can be sure that your items are safe. You can also access your items at any time with our secure keypad entry system. If you suddenly need to access stock at 2 am, you can do that easily.

For more information on our storage in Lenzie, please feel free to get in contact. Our team would be delighted to help. The closest Storage Vault facility to Lenzie would be Bishopbriggs. It is located only four miles away and our units start from only £22.5 per month.