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Self Storage

31 Auchinairn Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1RX

With our facility open in Bishopbriggs and two more sites in Glasgow, Kirkintilloch residents have a number of outstanding storage options within a short drive. Our storage units near Kirkintilloch are suitable for a variety of clients.

At all of our facilities, we have a wide selection of units available, ranging from 25 square feet all the way up to the 700 square feet. Whatever your requirements, we’re confident we have the perfect unit for you.






Paisley Cambuslang Glasgow

Discover The Perfect Self Store Solution

About Us

Storage Vaults offers the perfect storage solution. Not only do we offer an extremely secure storage location; but we also offer our clients flexibility. This flexibility manifests itself in a number of ways. For example; we allow you to access your items whenever you want. This is especially useful for businesses that don’t follow the traditional nine-to-five schedule. You can access stock or office items as needed. It’s also great for homeowners who do work nine-to-five. It means you don’t have to take a day off to be able to get your stuff.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Storage Vault

  • World-Class Security

  • 24/7 CCTV Coverage

  • Fully Tracked PIN Access

  • Vehicle Access and Covered Loading

  • Manned at all times during office hours

SAFE, SECURE, EASYwe take care of your belongings

  • CCTV cameras operational 24/7
  • Access tracked by a security pin + free wifi
  • Vehicle access to covered loading
  • On-site forklift truck for lifting so you don’t have to
  • Facility secured by unique entry system code
  • Manned at all times during opening hours



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"Storage on the brain"



Self Storage in Kirkintilloch

People like to collect things and many resent getting rid of said things. If you’ve spent money on purchasing bigger items like furniture; we can see why you’d be reluctant to part with said items. It doesn’t matter how big and cumbersome a piece may be, we simply hate throwing out things that could be useful in the future. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Storage Vault provides storage in Kirkintilloch so that you can keep those more bulky pieces out your home but still keep them ready for future use. While you maybe don’t need that extra desk right now, you may need it in the future. So, our storage in Kirkintilloch is super useful to those whose space is at a premium. You can plan for the future and not have to start afresh each time you make a change in your home.

However, it isn’t just bulky furniture. Maybe a loved one has passed away. It’s a difficult time, and not everyone wants to immediately start rifling through their stuff. With our storage in Kirkintilloch, you have the room to breathe and grieve properly before diving into handling affairs. If you need to have their home vacated quickly, you can use our storage as a temporary home for their items. When you’re ready, you can take the time to sort through their belongings and ensure everything goes to the right place. In some cases, it can even become a more permanent home. Maybe your grandparent left behind a record collection for your infant child; the records can safely wait in storage until they’ve moved into their own home.

Business Storage

As we all now know personally, the needs of a business change over time. There are usually a couple of changes throughout the year that a business goes through (although this particular one we’re all going through is somewhat unprecedented). You need to be able to adapt your business to meet these changes. While you may need five desks at one point, you’ll suddenly find that you only need four. Obviously, you don’t want to be in a cycle of binning and then re-buying desks. However, it is equally true that you don’t want to clutter your office with excess furniture that isn’t in use. So what is the solution? Storage Vault offers business storage in Kirkintilloch that solves this particular problem. We provide you with an external location in which to store extra furniture so your office is left clear.

There may come a period of time in which you decide to upgrade or downgrade your business premises. Our business storage is amazingly useful in this instance. If you need to quickly vacate your old office, a storage unit can provide you with much needed extra time. There is no need to rush a move and clutter your brand-new office when you have access to one of our fantastic storage units. We will keep your furniture and documents safe so that you can think about the future and properly plan out and decorate your new space. The transition between the old to the new will be so much smoother for both you and your staff.

There are many business storage facilities around Kirkintilloch, so why use Storage Vault? Well, we offer a comprehensive service that provides both flexibility and security. You can access your unit any time you want, even during the current situation, as you have your own key-pad entry system. We also utilise 24/7 CCTV to ensure that your stored items are kept safe. You can upsize or downsize your unit at any time and we don’t rope you into long-term contracts. For more information on our business storage in Kirkintilloch please feel free to get in contact with us via our website.

Personal Storage

Why is our self-storage in Kirkintilloch useful to residents who want to spend this time cleaning? Well, we’ve found that it is very hard to start organising your home if you don’t have a lot of space to play with. There may be some items that you don’t want to throw away, yet still don’t really get a lot of daily use with. This could be anything; from an antique wardrobe left to you by a relative, or a baby’s crib that you don’t have a current need for but might in the future. If you don’t have an attic or a garage, finding room for these extra items can be a pain. It may even be the case that you do have a garage or attic, but want to make more use of these spaces and instead of using them as unorganised storage rooms.

Our self-storage in Kirkintilloch provides you with an external space to store items. So, you don’t have to clutter potentially useful spaces in the home. You can instead use your attic as an office. That extra space in the garage can instead become a personal gym. The possibilities are endless. Instead of compromising, you could organise your way to the home of your dreams. All it takes is a little effort and the use of a fantastic storage facility. We may be biased, but we can objectively state that Storage Vault is a particularly fantastic storage solution. What other storage facility offers both flexibility and security to the same degree as us? None.

"Storage Vault is clean and dry which was exactly what I was looking for unlike a lot of outdoor facilities which are cold and damp. Access is very efficient via electronic security system. Staff helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.  "

George Georgiou
  • No Deposit & flexible lease
  • Covered Loading Unload at your unit
  • Best Value Guaranteed

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