Places to Study in Stirling

stirling kings park

One of the most exceptional places to study in the UK is the University of Stirling, set in a historic town in the heart of Scotland.

A charming mix of rich history and youthful energy exists in this place, where iconic castles grace the landscape and Scottish heroes once fought great battles. The University of Stirling is an amazing place, voted safest in the UK for students and first in the UK- (5th in the world!)- for campus experience. There are fabulous restaurants, scenic walks, and gorgeous historical sites, but if you are in Stirling wondering, ‘Where are places to study near me?’ we can help you find the answers.

Study on Campus

The University of Stirling campus is spectacular, with 330 acres and just about every amenity you could desire. This includes some wonderful places to study, and before you can even wonder, ‘Where are study spaces near me?’ we are sure you will spot some. Just in case, here are some ideas:

  • Study at the library. At the heart of the University of Stirling campus sits the library, spacious, extensive, welcoming, and quiet. It’s zoned to create different study environments for students, and you can reserve a spot for yourself, though there are many spaces available without a reservation. Level 2 is the Enquiry level, where cell phones must be switched to silent. On level 3, Quiet Study means quiet conversations are allowed as long as they are brief, and on level 4, the Silent Study area, only individual silent study is permitted, with no talking at all. When you need a break from all the studying, head down to the first floor, where you will find a Wellbeing Space, designed to give you somewhere to recharge and refresh. Comfy seating, cushions, blankets, and an environment of mindfulness, with well-being resources available, make for a relaxing place to practice self-care.
  • Meet up with your study group at the atrium. Located in Campus Central, the atrium offers a wide range of spaces perfect for collaboration and study, as well as cafes and a shop. Whether you are working on a group project or you want to find a quiet place to do some studying, you can find a spot at the atrium. Also located in Campus Central is the Library Study Zone, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a wide variety of study furniture, including desks, benches, and group study facilities.
  • Enjoy the scenery at Haldane’s Restaurant. Located beneath Campus Central, this is a waterfront spot that is not too congested, so it is perfect for studying while you take in the beautiful surroundings and watch the geese beside the water outside. It is also spacious, with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Find an empty spot. Across the campus, you will find learning spaces that can be used for studying if they are not booked for teaching. Contact student services to learn more.
  • Go outside and study by the loch. The loch is one of the most beautiful places on campus, an idyllic spot with the Ochil Mountains behind it and a castle that overlooks it. On a spring or summer day, when the weather is good, why not pack up your books and sit outside in nature to work?

Head into the City Centre

In the time it takes you to do an online search for ‘coffee shops to study near me’, we can come up with a list of great places to study in the heart of Stirling.

  • The library. This may be obvious, but the library is the perfect place to get some studying done in peace. The Central Stirling Library is located on Corn Exchange Road in Stirling, and is open during the day, Monday through Saturday. If you live off campus and you do not live in close proximity to the city centre, there are other library branches you can choose instead. Other branches include Bannockburn, Bridge of Allan, Cambusbarron, Cornton, Cowie, Doune, Dunblane, Fallin, Plean, Raploch, and St Ninians. Hours vary between the different branches, so check before you go.
  • A bookstore. In general, bookstores like it when people come in and hang around, enjoying the ambience. In particular, The Book Nook in Stirling wants you to come in, have a cup of tea and a pastry, and sit down, staying to study for a while. Owned by graduates of Stirling University, this little shop bills itself as ‘Stirling’s Only Indie Bookshop Café’, and it is a casual, cosy space where you can relax and get things done at the same time. There is also Stirling Books, a second-hand bookshop that offers not only rare and antiquarian books but also freshly brewed coffee and internet access. You are invited to visit Stirling Books, take a seat on a comfy sofa, have a fresh cup of coffee, and do some studying.
  • A pub or café. All over Stirling, you will find coffee shops, cafes, and pubs, each with their own ambience. Some will certainly not be conducive to studying, but there are others that are perfect for settling in by the fire or sitting with a nice cuppa and knocking out some homework.
    • BrewDog is one such place, a craft beer brewery in a converted bar, a few minutes from the station and the castle. BrewDog offers a coworking space with free Wi-Fi, free hot beverages, and 25 percent off food and drinks for students.
    • Another great place to study is The Burgh Coffeehouse, one of the best independent coffeehouses in Stirling. The Burgh serves coffee, amazing cakes, and fresh, hand-made food, and offers free Wi-Fi, easily accessible electrical outlets, and a 10 percent student discount.
    • HBW Coffee has a cool vibe. It is not only comfortable and relaxed, but also has a great menu, with vegan offerings that are top notch, and some of the best coffee and hot chocolates in town.
    • Janna’s Bakery is a cosy little spot. Serving delicious food and drinks at student friendly prices, Janna’s is perfect for studying because it has free Wi-Fi and seating away from the counter.
    • At the top of King Street in Stirling sits Caffe Pompei, a family-owned and operated café serving authentic Southern Italian food and LavAzza Coffee. The atmosphere is cosy, the Wi-Fi is free, and the cannoli are delicious, as are the warm pasta, paninis, and calzones. Stop in for a working lunch or grab a pastry and some coffee and study at one of the outdoor tables. All the food is good, and the menu even features vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Make the most of a sunny day by studying outdoors. It may be a city, but Stirling is full of inviting green spaces. When the weather is fine, pack a picnic and head out to one of the many parks in the area, to study in the sunshine. At the junction of King’s Park Road and Victoria Place sits Kings Park, formerly the hunting ground for the Royal Court. Head there today and you will find a picnic area, a café with indoor and outdoor seating, lovely trails for stretching your legs when you need a study break, and a peace of mind garden. Plean Country Park is another pretty picnic spot, set in a property with beautiful estate woodlands, wildflower meadows, and ponds. At the Stirling Castle Esplanade, Queen Anne’s Gardens offers a peaceful, pretty place to shade beneath a 200-year-old beech tree, and it is a lovely place to sit on the grass and study.

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