Where Are the Best Areas to Live in Stirling for a Student?

stirling bridge of allan

Finding Student Housing in Stirling

If you are planning on living in Stirling as a student, congratulations! This is a wonderful place for students, relaxed yet lively, with a rich history but also full of vibrant, youthful energy.

It is a peaceful city where you will be able to focus on your studies, and because it is located in the heart of Scotland, it is perfect for exploring all the country has to offer. Not only that, but it is easy to travel from Stirling because of its quick rail links to Glasgow and Edinburgh, where there are short flights to hundreds of destinations throughout the UK and Europe. Where are the best areas to live in Stirling? If you are looking for a great place to live while you are a student, you have options.

What Type of Accommodation Do You Need?

Think about your personality, your preferences, and your desired housing situation. Do you want to live in university-owned student housing or somewhere out in the community, in a privately rented property? Where are you in your university career? In your first year or two, staying on campus may be in your best interest. What is your budget? What are your needs and preferences? Do you want something self-catering? An ensuite bathroom? How about a gym, a shuttle bus, or common areas? Do you want to live with others or alone? Are you an introvert seeking a peaceful oasis in which to study, or an extrovert in search of a place to entertain? Are you an outdoorsy type, who wants access to outdoor activities? Maybe you are someone who likes to be on the go, and wants to be able to walk to pubs, restaurants, and shopping. Take all of these aspects into consideration when you are looking for a place to live.

Where Do You Want to Be?

If you are looking for a bustling metropolis, Stirling is not the place for you. However, that is not to say you will not find plenty to do! While the city only has about 100,000 residents, a little over 10 percent of those people are students. That means there are plenty of things for students to do, from on-campus events to a fun nightlife. There are places to let your hair down and party, and cosy pubs for unwinding, as well as a campus bar that hosts pub quizzes and karaoke nights. Stirling is near Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, and loads of other places to get outside and get some exercise. The city is small and walkable, and well-served by public transport. Not only are there busses and trains, but there is also a bike-sharing scheme with 200 bikes across the city in 28 locations, and students can use them for free.

University-Run Accommodations

The University of Stirling has a 330-acre campus, incorporating Airthey Loch. The 18th-century Airthey Castle is also on campus, making it even more picturesque. It is such an impressive campus, in fact, that the UK International Student Barometer (ISB) Benchmark and Global SIB Benchmark ranked it first in the UK and fifth in the world for campus environment. There are hiking trails and facilities that include an on-site cinema and theatre, cafes and restaurants, a bar, an Olympic swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, and an impressive library. It may sound gigantic, but it takes 10 minutes or less to walk anywhere on campus. There are several accommodation options run by the university, some appropriate for couples and families. The majority of this housing is on campus, and the off-campus properties are connected to the campus by bus routes. All of the accommodations are self-catered, and the kitchens have a cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, and kettle. For those days when you aren’t in the mood to cook, there are plenty of catering outlets across campus for every meal of the day. Utilities, Wi-Fi, room and contents insurance, bedding and bed linen, housekeeping, and 24/7 staff assistance are all included in the rent for University of Stirling Accommodations.

When you apply, you will be able to specify your preferences, including whether you would like a single or mixed-gender flat, whether having a quiet flat is important to you, and if you would like an alcohol-free flat. You can also specify an ensuite if you don’t want to share a shower room with flatmates, and the type of flat you choose will affect the price of rent. Available accommodations include:

  • A standard room comes with basic furniture.
  • An ensuite room has the same furniture as a standard room, plus your own shower room.
  • A studio room is a mini-apartment, so that you will have living space, kitchen, sleeping area, and a shower room, to yourself.
  • Post-graduate students can choose family accommodations, which are two and three-bedroom flats on campus.

Neighbourhoods in Stirling

No matter where you go in Stirling, it is a safe place to live. In fact, it has been ranked by The Complete University Guide of 2023 as the safest place for students in the UK! There are several great neighbourhoods in Stirling, and the one you decide is best will be based on your own needs and wants.

  • Stirling’s City Centre: If you are looking for local amenities, rail connections, shops, restaurants, and pubs, this lively part of town, with its pedestrianised streets, is the perfect spot.
  • King’s Park: This gorgeous upmarket residential area features detached and semi-detached Victorian period homes, in a fairly central location that tends to attract young families.
  • Riverside: Between the city centre and the University, this area attracts people from all walks of life because it is close to local amenities and offers flats, terraced houses, and some student accommodation.
  • Stirling North: This is where the University of Stirling is located, and it is also popular with young professionals because of all the business office and lab space.
  • St Ninians and Bannockburn: South of Stirling, St Ninians features a variety of residential properties, including flats, semi-detached, and bungalows. Keep heading south and you will find Bannockburn, known for its great quality of life, with plenty of redevelopment.
  • Bridge of Allan: Technically a separate village, Bridge of Allan is close enough to be considered part of Stirling and has a varied population and a very active community.

University-Managed Properties

Students at different stages of their educational careers will have access to different accommodations, both on and off campus.

On Campus:

  • Alexander Court Family Flats: Two and three-bedroom flats for undergraduate and postgraduate students, suitable for families.
  • Alexander Court Standard Flats: Single standard rooms for new undergraduate students.
  • Alexander Court Townhouses: Single standard and ensuite rooms for new undergraduate students.
  • Andrew Stewart Hall: Single ensuite rooms for new undergraduate students.
  • Beech Court Standard Flats: Single ensuite rooms for new undergraduate, returning undergraduate, and postgraduate students.
  • Beech Court Studio Flats: Single ensuite studio rooms for new undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Fraser of Allander House: Single standard rooms for new undergraduate students.
  • Juniper Court Standard Flats: Single ensuite rooms for new and returning undergraduate students.
  • Juniper Court Studio Flats: Single ensuite studio rooms for new and returning undergraduate students.
  • Pendreich Way: Single standard rooms for postgraduate students.
  • Willow Court Standard Flats: Single ensuite rooms for new and returning undergraduate students.
  • Willow Court Studio Flats: Single ensuite studio rooms for new and returning undergraduate students.

Off Campus:

  • Alangrange: Single and large standard rooms for postgraduate students, in Bridge of Allan.
  • Friarscroft: Single ensuite rooms, just off campus, for postgraduate students.
  • John Forty’s Court: Single standard and ensuite rooms, on the main bus route in Stirling, for nursing/paramedic, new undergraduate, and returning undergraduate students.
  • Lyon Crescent: Single standard rooms for nursing/paramedic, returning undergraduate, and postgraduate students in Bridge of Allan.
  • Polwarth House: Single standard rooms for new and returning undergraduate students.
  • Spittal Hill: Single standard rooms for returning undergraduate students.
  • Thistle Chambers: Single standard rooms, in the centre of Stirling, for postgraduate students.
  • Union Street Development: Single standard rooms for returning undergraduate students, in the centre of Stirling.

Store Your Things While You Spend Some Time in Stirling

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