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News, - 05 June 20

Student Storage Lenzie

The worst part of university or college is that time between semesters when you have to move furniture back and forth. In an ideal world, students would be able to keep their stuff in dorms during Summer. However, many students move to a new dorm or into totally different accommodation between semesters. If you live far away from your university, this process is a nightmare. The good news is that there are solutions. Our student storage in Lenzie can help.

It’s June, which means it’s time to move away from dorms. Admittedly, this semester, in particular, has been exceptional. Many students will have hastily packed some of their belongings and moved back home in the middle of March. Seeing as this is the time that you would be returning home from university anyway, mean universities are demanding that students come back to clear their dorms. This isn’t ideal for a number of reasons. Due to lockdown rules, it is significantly more difficult to acquire a van if you don’t already have one. It may also be the case that your new accommodation starts in July. Consequently, you don’t want to lug your furniture from a university in Scotland to your home in England or Wales only to then bring it back a month later. In this instance, our student storage in Lenzie is the perfect solution.

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Our student storage in Lenzie gives you the perfect place to store your belongings. You don’t need to drag your furniture and personal effects back and forth. Instead, you can rent one of our storage units and store everything between semesters. There is no need to worry about security when you use Storage Vault. Your stuff will be kept safe while you’re at home with our around the clock CCTV and our secure keypad entry system. You’ll be able to leave for home in the comfort that your items are waiting safely for you. You can also access them whenever you want as we allow for 24/7 access. This flexibility means that you don’t have to stress about moving back. If you’ve got a long drive, you can take your time moving furniture back into your dorm.

It’s not just between terms that you’ll find use in our student storage in Lenzie. If you are in dorms, you’ll know how small dorm rooms are. If you join a couple of sports societies you’ll quickly find that your space is taken up with equipment. Our student storage can give students some much needed extra space. The flexibility that we offer is a big bonus in this instance. We know students don’t run to the same hours as us mere mortals, so being able to access a storage space at 2 am can be a big benefit. Lectures can sometimes run onto the evening. Most storage providers close at 5 pm, so this isn’t great for students.

If you’re in need of student storage in Lenzie, your closest Storage Vault location can be found in Bishopbriggs. Due to the unprecedented times we’re living in, we do also offer a contactless move-in. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.