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News, - 11 March 21

Student Storage Baillieston

When Universities and Colleges close for the end of a semester, one of the most challenging decisions students have to make is how to take home their belongings. Carrying all of your personal effects with you as you head home isn’t fun. It’s especially bothersome if you’re only closing for a couple of weeks, as you then have to drag it all back with you. Our student storage in Baillieston offers you a place to keep your belongings so that you don’t have to do this.

Our secure and practical storage units cater to all of your storage needs. We offer both large and small units for rent with adjustable renting timeframes. There are a number of reasons as to why you should store with us. While we don’t have time to list them all, we’re happy to show you some of the many benefits you get by opting to store with Storage Vault.

Student Storage Made Easier

Our student storage in Baillieston offers a flexible yet simple system when it comes to signing up for and using storage. We’ll provide you with a storage unit, a temporary padlock and an entry number. All you need to provide is a personal padlock. From then on, you’ll be able to access your storage unit and store and take items as you need them. It couldn’t be easier. We allow access to our storage facilities around the clock so that you can access your storage unit when you need it.

Student Storage Storage Vault Glasgow

Convenient Locations

Our student storage facilities near Baillieston are conveniently located close-by in Cambuslang. Baillieston is a fantastic location for students to live in as it is slightly outwith Glasgow City Centre and therefore a lot less expensive to live in. It also has a number of public transport options so that students can easily access the city centre for classes. Having a storage facility nearby is ideal as it means you can store class or society/sports club equipment in there without worrying about having to travel to access it. We do also have a range of other Storage Vault locations in other areas of the centre of Scotland. You can check if there is one closer to your university on our homepage.

Utmost Peace of Mind

We understand that it’s tiring to carry all your belongings back home and bring them back again when schools reopen. Whether you’re travelling abroad or to another city for holidays, we guarantee you peace of mind when you store your items with us. Our 24/7 security monitoring system will ensure that your belongings are kept safe and precisely where you left them. We utilise a secure key-pad entry system so only those who are supposed to access the facility are able to do so.

Great Value for Money

While you may want to move everything home for the holidays, you’ll end up spending a lot more on moving costs. Furthermore, it will be tiring to move them back to school once the semester begins. Renting a student storage facility in Baillieston will help you eliminate the moving expenses. Instead, you can pay a small monthly fee for fantastic convenience. Not only is our student storage in Baillieston great during holidays, but they’re great for term time too. Instead of cramming a small dorm full of documents, sports equipment, and party outfits; you can instead store them safely away in a storage unit for when you need them.


Our student storage units in Baillieston can accommodate different types of items. This is because we offer a wide range of different unit size. If you’re just wanting to store documents, that’s something we’re happy to accommodate. On the other end of the scale, you’re also able to store things like large items of furniture as we do also have storage units that can accommodate them. We understand that needs change over time, so we offer our clients flexibility. If you need to change the unit size, we’re happy to help out.

If you’re looking for student storage in Baillieston, your closest Storage Vault location is located in Cambuslang. Make sure to get in contact with the team if you’re interested in our services.