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News, - 04 July 19

Business Storage Giffnock

When it comes to Business Storage, Giffnock businesses won’t find a better storage solution than Storage Vault East Kilbride.

It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to upgrading your business. Sometimes you need to make more room to grow. This can be a surprisingly difficult task. How can you be expected to expand your team if you don’t have the room to squeeze in an extra desk or two? Surplus stock, piles of documents and office furniture can be a big hindrance and can prevent you from making a much-needed change to your organisation. While the obvious solution would be to simply get rid of the extra items; this isn’t a fantastic option for every business. While you maybe don’t need that pile of paperwork, that extra desktop or that bundle of extra stock right now, you might need it in the future. This is where Storage Vault can help. We offer business storage in Giffnock so that businesses can have the room to grow without getting rid of items that might be needed in the future.

There have certainly been some misconceptions about the reality of storage units. People spin horrific tales detailing missing items and nightmare lease contracts. Despite the horror stories you may have heard about storage units, they can be an absolute godsend to smaller businesses in particular. We weren’t kidding when we said that businesses need room to expand. Not many businesses just starting their journey can afford to just relocate or renovate when the time comes to expand, so business storage is an ideal solution. This doesn’t just work for offices that maybe have some extra furniture or paperwork. For example; if you have an e-commerce business, you could store your products in a secure location away from your workspace. This means you will suddenly have a whole lot more space to improve your business. Keeping your stock in an external location also makes your business safer for your staff and your profits as you won’t have to worry about any stock being stolen. It will be safely locked away in our business storage in Giffnock. Storage Vault offers world-class security standards, so you can be sure that your items are as safe as possible.

There is a reluctance when it comes to businesses purchasing a storage unit. Some organisations may doubt that they can make the best use of the storage space we’re offering, with the items they need to store. We understand. Not every small business has a need for a warehouse-sized room to store items in. That’s why we offer the flexibility of choice to our customers in Giffnock. We offer our clients a variety of unit sizes. They range from 25 sqft to 500 sqft. So, we’re confident that you’ll find a unit that is perfectly suited to your needs. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your storage unit size at any time, that isn’t a problem.

Don’t worry about those horror stories. Here at Storage Vault, we are passionate about delivering a high-quality level of service regardless of how big or small your business is. We don’t believe in business rates, and we won’t charge you any utility bills. There are no hidden fees and you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying when you select the size of your unit. In fact, you can check this out for yourself by using our unit price calculator. We allow you to upsize or downsize at no extra cost; meaning you don’t have to worry about extra expense when you’re already spending to upgrade your business. This flexibility is further emphasised by the fact that we offer no fixed-term leases so that you aren’t stuck paying for an empty storage unit if you have no use for it. Reserving a unit for business storage in Giffnock is super easy. You can do it online or by giving us a quick call. Feel free to get in contact for more information. Our team will be happy to help!