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How much does it cost?

Please remember you get 50% off for the first 2 months.

Do you have any containers?

Yes, we have 160-square-foot external containers at the following locations:

Do you have 24-hour access?

Most locations have 24-hour access.  For locations with multiple areas, some areas may be accessible from 6 am – 11 pm.  Some locations also have reception manned between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday, some are also open 10 am – 4 pm Saturday.

Do you take cash?

We do not accept cash, we can only accept card payments from most major debit and credit card providers including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

How does it work?

Self-storage works as an extension of your home or business premises, helping you to create more space by storing those items that you no longer need on a regular basis, but cannot dispose of. For example, seasonal items (such as sporting gear, gardening tools, clothing), business props and equipment, stock items, personal and business records, family heirlooms, furniture and much more.

Do you pick up the items and take them to the storage?

We do not offer a collection service for items.  You will be required to move your items to your storage unit yourself.  Some of our locations have external drive up units for ease of loading or unloading.  We also offer trolleys on site for moving heavy or bulky items.

When can I have the unit?

As soon as you’ve booked your unit and filled out the paperwork, you can move your stuff in. Sometimes, our popular units book out fast, so it’s best to book or register your interest online or call in advance to make sure you get a storage unit suitable to your needs!

Do you have other locations?

We have a total of 15 locations across Scotland.  Click here for our list of locations; https://storagevault.com/self-storage/  [Would it be possible to ask for a postcode from the customer and then offer them the closest alternative locations based on this postode?]

What is the difference between workspace and storage space?

Storage space is ideal for sole traders or SMEs as the perfect place to store equipment or excess stock, providing low overheads, added security and unmatched flexibility.

Workspaces are purpose-built business spaces, many of which are on the same site as our storage units.  These spaces allow you to run your business in a space which is supplied with power, Wi-Fi and many are furnished.  Workspaces include offices, light industrial units and studios.

How long is the contract?

We have simple month-to-month terms, no upfront fees or hidden costs which means you are not tied into any long-term contracts and you have the freedom and flexibility to change your storage unit size as needed.

Can I have the unit for as long as I need or is there a set time?

You can have the unit for as long as you need, there is no set time for this.  Our flexible terms mean that you are not tied into any long-term contract, allowing you to set the time on your terms.

Can I extend if required?

Yes, we understand that plans change and can extend your stay if needed.

Do you have to supply your own padlock?

Yes, you will need to supply your own padlock.  We sell moving and packing supplies, including padlocks.  Please let us know if you would like to include a padlock in your storage unit booking.

Can my husband or family member get access on my behalf?

You will be given a personal access code when you move your stuff in.  This code can be shared with trusted friends and family, however, this will be done at your own risk.

Can I and my friend share a unit?

Yes, there is no issue with you sharing a unit with someone.  You will be given one access code for access to the site.  You would both need access to the padlock on your unit.

How do you get access?

You will be given a personal access code

Can you drive up to the unit?

All external units are drive up, allowing for ease of unloading/loading from your car or van

Is the unit temperature controlled?

Yes, our internal storage facilities are temperature controlled, providing the ideal conditions in which to safely store items that are sensitive to environmental factors, including artworks, antiques, books, paperwork, collectables and more.

Internal storage units are generally kept at temperatures between 12℃ and 29℃.

External storage units are not climate-controlled, so they are more susceptible to weather, temperature extremes and fluctuations, humidity, rain, and other natural elements/conditions. While these units are well-built and weather-resistant, they are not suitable for storing sensitive items that may be damaged when exposed to hot or freezing temperatures or damp.

Can I upgrade/downgrade if needed?

Yes, we understand that your storage needs may change over time so we can be flexible in moving you to a larger or smaller unit if you need to, depending on availability.

If I need a second unit is this an option?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of storage units you can hire.  Please note, that this is availability dependent.

How do I sign up?

Get a free quote by selecting your preferred location, and then choosing the size of unit you require.  Input your contact information and a quote will be generated for you.

You can reserve online by clicking ‘Quick Reserve’ next to your preferred unit.

Alternatively, you can reserve your unit over the phone. Call 0800 802 1822 to speak to one of our team today.

Do I have to pay to reserve?

You do not have to pay to reserve.  You can ‘Pay Later’ up to 30 days in advance of your move-in date or Pay Now up to 7 days in advance of your move-in date.

Do we have pallet trucks/forklifts on-site popular question for business use.

We do not have pallet trucks or forklifts at our self storage spaces.  However, we do offer trolleys to help you move your items in and out of your unit.

Is it safe to come on your own at nighttime?

Yes, all our storage facilities are well lit and operate CCTV 24/7.  As an additional level of security, personal PIN codes are required to access all our storage facilities.  Your personal PIN code will be sent to you from our team shortly before your move-in date.

I am not sure just yet what I am storing, what size will I choose?

If you have a rough idea of what you are looking to store, we can provide a quote (or a number of quotes) for a range of storage sizes.  Please call our team who will be able to talk you through options and provisionally reserve a unit until you know exactly what size you require.

What is 150sq ft in cubic metres?

150sq ft is 14 square metres.

Why do I need a padlock?

Padlocks are used to lock all our storage unit doors.  You can buy a padlock from us prior to moving in, or supply your own.

Do I need to let you know every time I am on-site?

You do not need to let us know every time you are on site.  You are free to visit your storage unit whenever you want, as long as the area your unit is located in is open.  Many of our storage units are accessible 24/7.

Can I downsize and get another discount after the 3 months?

You can certainly downsize at any time you want, depending on availability.  However, the discount would not be applicable if you move into another unit.

I now need the unit longer than I expected is there any further discount?

You can extend your stay at Storage Vault if required.  However, the discount only applies to new customers moving into a unit.

I am not great with technology to complete the documents can you help me?

Our team are happy to help you complete any documents you might need help with.  You can call your chosen site directly or our contact centre on 0800 802 1822.

How many trollies are available to use on-site?

We have several trollies available at each site which means you won’t be waiting for a trolley to move your belongings to and from your storage unit.

Do you clean the offices?

Yes, our in-house cleaning services will keep your workspace tidy, saving you time and money.

Is there staff on site?

The following sites are manned:

Can anyone access my unit?

Only you will be able to access your unit.  You will be provided with a PIN code to access the site and your unit will be locked with your padlock.  You can share your PIN with friends and family at your own risk.

Do you have a price list?

All prices don’t include 50% off for the first 2 months

[What size of unit are you looking for] [Do you know which of our sites you would like to use?]

Can I get into my unit at night?

Yes, most units are accessible until 11 pm.

Can I get into my unit early in the morning?

Yes, most units are accessible from 6 am.

Are the CV units 50% off for 2 months too?

No, the 50% off for 2 months offer only applies to our storage units.

Can I change the unit?

Yes, if we have availability, you can change your unit.

Do you have a unit with a different shape?

We have a wide range of units of different shapes and sizes.  Please get in touch with our contact centre directly if you are looking for a specific unit shape, 0800 802 1822.

Can I pay online?

Yes, you can pay online using our secure payment system.

Can the discount be extended?

Unfortunately not, the discount is set at 2 months for all our storage sites.

Can we store food/drink?

You cannot store food and drink in your storage unit unless it is securely packed so they are protected from, and do not attract vermin.

What’s the difference between containers and storage units?

Our containers are all external and are all 160sqft.  The storage units range in size and are available internally and externally, depending on the location.

Do you offer a removal service?

No, we do not offer a removal service.

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