Storage Vault now accepting Bitcoin


We have some exciting news! As we are an innovative and forward-thinking company, we’ve decided to embrace the digital revolution and offer even more flexibility to our customers. Storage Vault is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment!

Keeping up to date with the news of the world as of late has been a tricky task. However, there is no doubt that you’ll have heard of Bitcoin recently. It’s been the buzzword of the internet as of late. However, Bitcoin is more than just a trend on social media. It’s a brand-new opportunity for businesses to enhance the online shopping experience of their customers. Further enhancing customer experiences is something that we’re always eager to participate in. With popular entrepreneurs like Elon Musk leading the charge, more and more people are taking the time to look at the benefits of paying with Bitcoin. We believe it’ll only become more popular still. Innovative companies introducing this form of payment to their customers may be in the minority now, but the future will be a lot different.

So, what is Bitcoin and how will it change your Storage Vault experience? Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. To put it as simply as possible, cryptocurrency is a type of digital money. It is not controlled by any bank or government. It’s instead regulated using encryption techniques. The reason we’ve decided to introduce Bitcoin as a form of payment is that there are a number of benefits to paying with cryptocurrency. We want to offer our customers the choice. We also want to be prepared for the future in which this form of currency will become more commonplace. The only change to your Storage Vault experience will be in the payment options. Whether you opt for bitcoin or not, you don’t have to worry about missing out on our fantastic customer service.

We’ve mentioned that there are a number of benefits to paying with cryptocurrency. So, what are they? Well, to put it very briefly; bitcoin allows for more security, lower fees, and faster transactions. There is because there is no longer a middle-man. While it may seem complicated, our clients don’t have to worry. The process of paying with bitcoin is just as easy as paying with a debit card. You will get the same fantastic Storage Vault service as always. The only difference is you’ll be able to pay with bitcoin.

We know that cryptocurrency can be confusing if you’ve only just heard of it. Which is why we’re here to help. If you have any questions about this new payment method, please get in contact. If you want to know how the process will work in more detail, we can help.

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