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Self Storage

1 Redwood Crescent, East Kilbride G74 5PA

The Storage Vault location closest to Clarkston is East Kilbride. It is only two and a half miles away. Storage in Clarkston has never been easier or better priced. You can try our unit price calculator to see just how little one of our units could cost you. We have various sizes that can cater to various needs. Our purpose-built facility features 24/7 hour CCTV and PIN code access, with ground floor units that are easy to access.

We have a wide selection of units available, starting from 10 square feet up to 150 square feet.  Whatever your requirements, Storage Vault have the perfect storage unit for you.


Paisley Cambuslang Glasgow

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About Us

Storage Vault is one of Scotland’s fastest growing self storage company's. We currently work with a range of personal and commercial clients in Newton Mearns, providing flexible storage solutions wherever they are required. Why not visit our facility in Paisley or Cambuslang and find out why so many people are choosing Storage Vault.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Storage Vault

  • World-Class Security

  • 24/7 CCTV Coverage

  • Fully Tracked PIN Access

  • Vehicle Access and Covered Loading

  • Manned at all times during office hours

Our Self Storage Units

While we all could do with having a limitless amount of storage space in our homes or office; not many of us have the luxury. Thankfully, our storage near Clarkston can give you that extra room you need to live comfortably.

They say that you never really know how much stuff you accumulated until you move house. This isn’t really the whole truth. It would be more accurate to say that you’re able to stay in denial until you suddenly have no choice but to deal with the number of items you have. We’re all subconsciously aware of how many things we have collected over the years. We all have that one drawer, cupboard or room crammed full of items that we don’t want to sort through. It’s pretty hard to miss that we’ve collected a lot of stuff when confronted with it daily. You shouldn’t wait until you move out to deal with it. Our storage in Clarkston gives you the opportunity to store items in an external location so that your personal space is decluttered.

The obvious solution to eliminating that junk room, drawer or cupboard is to simply rid yourself of items. It’s easier said than done. Sadly, we’re not all Marie Kondo. When you go to bin things, you’ll find yourself giving yourself a number of sentimental reasons as to why not do it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either. There will be items in your possession that may end up gaining value be that monetary or sentimental. There are some things that may end up being useful at a later point in time. This is especially true of a business. While that extra desk isn’t useful in the immediate future, later when you add to your team you’ll wish you hadn’t binned it.

Our storage in Clarkston is the perfect solution. If you’re not ready to part with personal items, you don’t have to. If you want to keep business investments, you can. Instead of ridding yourself of items, you are merely storing them in a safe space for future use. Here at Storage Vault, we utilise CCTV 24/7. Your items will be well protected around the clock. You can access your items at any time with your unique keypad entry. This means that your personal effects and furniture will be safe but easily accessible to you. Other storage units restrict you to strict entry times, but that isn’t the case at Storage Vault. You can collect and drop-off items at your leisure.

If you’re looking to move home or office, our storage in Clarkston is especially useful. It’s usually the case that you need to move out within a certain time frame and that doesn’t necessarily give you the time to ready your new building for furniture. Instead of cluttering your new office or home with items that you may not necessarily need, our storage in Clarkston can give you that extra flexibility. There will be no frantic rush to sort items, as they will be safely stored away for you to sort through at a later point. If you move into your office and decide you really don’t need the extra items, you can get rid of them. The team at Storage Vault don’t tie you into contracts. You can stop using our services when you desire.

Business Storage

Running a business is difficult. There are many aspects that you need to keep in balance and that is no easy task. One element that often falls by the wayside is the organisation of your workplace. Whether you work from a private office, shared space or from your home; space is very often at a premium. Thankfully, Storage Vault is here to help. We offer business storage in Clarkston so that you can organise your business and have the space you need to be a success.

All businesses are different. While everyone immediately pictures an office full of staff or a warehouse full of products; that isn’t the case for every business out there. Increasingly, shared office spaces are becoming more popular. Some people even decide to run their business from their own home. These options do come along with their own challenges. One of which is the fact that space very much becomes scarce. Not many people have the ability to convert their entire home into an office space, so they are instead relegated to a single room or desk. In instances such as these, our business storage in Clarkston can be extremely useful. If you’re working from a shared space or a bedroom, you can’t just add an extra cupboard to store stock or documents. What you can do, however, is rent a storage unit with us to act as an external cupboard.

Now, if you’re a business owner, we know that you’ll immediately have a ton of questions and will maybe have thought of a couple of issues. It’s natural. You want to ensure that your business is opting for the best choices to ensure longevity and success. We can think of a few concerns you may have, like:

‘What if I need to access my stock at weird hours?’

‘How will I be able to fit a storage unit into my budget?’

‘What if my business needs change and I no longer need the unit. Will I be trapped in a contract?’

None of these issues should stop you making use of our business storage in Clarkston. Here at Storage Vault, we pride ourselves on being flexible. You can fit our services around the needs of your business. If you need to grab stock from your unit at 4 am, that isn’t a problem. We also allow you access to your storage unit anytime you want with our secure key-pad entry system. Additionally, the budget won’t be an issue either. We offer a range of units in various sizes and prices and we also don’t charge a security deposit. You can use your storage unit for as long as you would like. We don’t rope our clients into long-term contracts. It sounds too good to be true, but Storage Vault has always offered top-quality customer service to match our top-quality storage facilities.

Storage Vault could be the very thing you need to help elevate your small business. For customers in Clarkston, your closest Storage Vault facility is only two miles away in East Kilbride. However, we do understand that you may have other questions or concerns about our business storage in Clarkston. If that’s the case, you can find the information regarding our business storage on our site. Additionally, do feel free to ping us a message online. You can easily reach us on our website; one of our team members will be delighted to help you.

"I've never used storage before, this was a short term solution whilst I moved house. Great experience, especially because you could access the property using your unique code."

Claire Hall
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  • Best Value Guaranteed

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