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News, - 12 September 19

Self Storage East Calder

While we’d all love to live in a mansion with a walk-in wardrobe, the reality is that the average person can’t afford that. Instead, we need to be smart about how we use the space available. To help you have an easier time of decluttering your home and life; Storage Vault offers self-storage in East Calder.

They say that “the first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” Maybe there is some truth to this, but it’s easier said than done. The items you’ve accumulated aren’t all junk. While there are people out there who can part with items easily, that can’t be said for everyone. Maybe you hate that lamp that your mum gave you for your birthday at some point in the nineties, but the sentiment behind it makes it really hard to throw away immediately. In some cases, you need the time and space to decide what you truly want to do with your items. Our self-storage in East Calder is perfect for this reason. You can store items out your home and get distance from the sentimentality and then decide what to do from there.

Our self-storage in East Calder isn’t just useful in instances when you want to declutter your home. There inevitably comes a time when you or one of your family need to leave to explore other ventures. Maybe you’ve had another child and require more rooms, maybe your children have left for university and you now need fewer rooms; either way, purchasing a new home is a part of life. It is, however, a somewhat stressful event. There is a lot to organise in a short timeframe. You need to determine what you want to come with you to your new home and what to with old items very quickly. Fortunately, our storage units can help. You can store items while you’re in the process of moving so that you organise your new home in less of a rush.

There are many storage facilities in and around Livingston and East Calder. However, what makes Storage Vault the ideal storage solution is that it offers the best aspects of all other storage units; rather than prioritising one or two. Many places offer you a secure location in which to store your items; it would be easier to break into Fort Knox. However, that security comes with a cost and it makes accessing your items difficult. You are restricted to visiting during office hours. If you work a nine-to-five job, that then means you only have one day a week in which to access your items (assuming the unit is closed on Sundays). This obviously isn’t an ideal situation.

The Storage Vault self-storage in East Calder offers the best of both worlds. There is CCTV 24/7 and secure keypad entry. This means your items are protected, but also accessible. We do have office hours, but you can come in as you please with your keypad entry. Storage Vault offers you the flexibility that you possibly wouldn’t get with other storage establishments. We also have a range of different sizes of storage units. So, you pay for the perfect amount of space for you. Storage Vault doesn’t lock you into contracts. You get the service that you need when you need it. For more information on our self-storage in East Calder, please feel free to get in contact. Your closest Storage Vault is our new East Livingston location.