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News, - 15 May 20

Personal Storage Lenzie

A clean space is a safe place; nothing has proven this to be more true than the downhill rollercoaster that 2020 has turned out to be. It is important to see the silver lining in every situation in order to keep your sanity. So, we’ve taken the stance that now is the perfect time to organise your home so that your thoughts will hopefully fall in line. There is a lot to be said for organising while living in chaos. It can be very therapeutic for those feeling particularly anxious. In order to help you stay productive, we’re offering personal storage in Lenzie.

But Storage Vault, we hear you ask, is this really the best time to start organising our homes? We have enough to worry about, why should our house clutter get added to the list? To which we respond, yes, why not? There is obviously no pressure at all to take this time and make it productive. However, we’ve found that it may help. We’ve all found ourselves locked-up for the past couple of weeks, and this may continue for a little while yet. It’s home nature to want order and routine. However, all of our routines have been totally thrown off. Bringing order to your home won’t be a cure-all for all your woes, but it will definitely help. It has been proven that people are more relaxed in clean and organised environments. Not to mention that being productive may make you feel like less time has been wasted.

Our personal storage in Lenzie is still available to anyone who wants to spend this time getting their home organised. In order to make this happen, we’ve adapted our services so that they are as safe as possible. We are now able to exchange all necessary move-in details online. You can the full details of our contactless move-in process for our personal storage in Lenzie on our website. We have done everything possible to ensure that we are able to provide our services safely. However, we do understand that you may have questions or concerns, so make sure to contact us if you do. Your closest Storage Vault location is in Bishopbriggs, so be sure to contact the team there in order to get the most accurate information.

If you’re looking for a flexible service, you won’t find better than our personal storage in Lenzie. We won’t trap you into longterm contracts or demand you pay a security deposit. All you need to pay for is the time that you decide to use one of our high-quality storage units. They also come in a range of sizes so that you only need to rent what you actually need. You can find a convenient storage cost calculator on our website if you want an accurate estimate of how much our storage will cost so that you can budget. Every Storage Vault location utilised a secure key-pad entry system and around the clock CCTV. So, you can be sure that any items left with us will be as secure as possible.

If you require any more information or have any questions, our team are still available to help you. Make sure to wash your hands and keep safe.