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Glasgow, Student, - 13 October 18

Finding Student Accommodation In Glasgow

It’s easy to think that you can rest easy after you’ve confirmed your offer for your course, or you’ve passed all of your exams, but you’ve got one of the most important tasks left – finding somewhere to stay.

Finding where to live whilst you’re studying can be more difficult than you first expect.

Whether you’re a green-eyed fresher, starting your first year at university, or a seasoned student who’s back for another year, where you live can have a direct impact on how much you get out of your uni experience so it’s important to get the process right.

Here’s a quick guide:

Which is better: private accommodation or student?

You’ve got two options when it comes to student accommodation in Glasgow – you can either go with private accommodation, so-called because it’s offered by private landlords, or student accommodation, offered by companies or universities.

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First of all, you’ll need to work out which type of accommodation is really for you. There are benefits and drawbacks to both kinds of accommodation.

Here are the main benefits and negatives of both types of accommodation:

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation for students usually takes the form of a room in a shared house or flat that is owned by a private landlord and leased out to a group of students. This option is pretty good if you part of a small group of friends who all want to live together. It can be a bit trickier to arrange if you’re on your own, but you can often find rooms in shared private accommodation advertised on campus or social media.

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The main benefit of private accommodation is that it’s likely to be cheaper than other forms of housing. It also gets you ready for life in the real world, where, more often than not, you’ll probably be renting accommodation from a private landlord (unless you’re lucky enough to already have access to a house or flat).

There are obviously some downsides to private accommodation though. The quality of properties varies quite considerably, and some landlords of these kinds of properties have a pretty infamous reputation for being… ahem… hands-off when it comes to problems like broken lights or leaking taps.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is essentially a room in a multi-story building of flats that is managed by a private company.

The rooms are often a lot smaller and more expensive than private accommodation, but the quality of living that you get is often much higher, with onsite laundry facilities, gyms, games rooms and even swimming pools and saunas, in some cases.

They’re kind of like sheltered housing for old people, but for students. Everyone in the building will be a student, so they can be a good place to meet others. There are normally different room options, from shared flats through to studios and dormitories.

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University Accommodation

This is a type of student accommodation that’s provided by the institution that you’re studying at. It’s normally only available to first-year students and the quality varies from campus to campus.

Best areas to look for student accommodation in Glasgow

Once you’ve decided what type of accommodation you want to stay in, you’ll then need to think about the area that you want to live in – and what you want from it.

Glasgow’s West End is probably the most popular place for students to live, namely because it’s close to Glasgow University and it has good access to shops, bars and nightlife. Most accommodation around here is private accommodation though – and it’s usually pretty expensive (the West End is Glasgow’s richest area). A lot of students have started to move north towards cheaper private accommodation in Maryhill as a result.

student accommodation glasgow west end

The City Centre is a hotspot for student accommodation (thanks to the presence of Strathclyde University and Caledonian University).

Dennistoun in the East End also has a reputation as a student hotspot because of its closeness to the centre and is notably cheaper to live in than the centre.

In recent years, the Southside has also started to become popular with students, thanks to its trendy cafes, bars and restaurants.

Simple tips to find the find the perfect student accommodation

So, now you’ve decided which location is best for you, you need to find the perfect flat. Here are some simple tips that should make the process a lot easier:

  • Start looking for accommodation early and scour the internet and local area for options
  • Work out what factors you’re willing to compromise on and which ones you aren’t
  • Be clear about your budget and what you can and can’t afford
  • Always read the small print and watch out for hidden charges (especially with private company accommodation)

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