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News, - 29 August 19

Document Storage Thornliebank

If there is one thing that can get out of control; it’s paperwork and documents. People are reluctant to bin any document because they aren’t sure as to the importance. This then leads to an overwhelming pile growing that no one wants to sort. Our document storage in Thornliebank can be a Godsend to folk in this situation.

It’s 2019, so there has been a shift towards keeping records and documents electronically. This makes sense as it means multiple people within a company can easily access the information stored. If data is stored in the cloud, it is generally regarded as being safe. However, online data is not impenetrable. it has been noted with increasing frequency that people have the ability to hack and corrupt data. This is especially true if you’re not careful and diligent when it comes to web security. For this reason, many companies still keep a significant number of physical documents. This in itself has its own unique problems. Documents can contain sensitive pieces of information, so it is important that they are handled carefully. If you’re storing large volumes of data, it is very easy to let a well-organised slip into chaos.

Our document storage in Thornliebank can help for a number of reasons. First of all; our document storage in Thornliebank can help generate more room. One of the bigger issues with storing a ton of physical documents is that they take up a lot of space. In order for them to have any semblance of order, your business will need to utilise filing cabinets. Unfortunately, these aren’t the smallest of pieces of furniture. As the years pass by, you’ll find that simply having one cabinet won’t be sufficient. Then, you’ll find yourself with an entire room dedicated to paperwork and documents. That space could instead make for a nice breakroom, extra office or stock storage space. By utilising our storage units in Thornliebank, you’ll have a ton of extra room to play with as your documents will be stored externally.

Space and the extra room aren’t the only reasons you should consider making use of our document storage in Thornliebank. As we previously mentioned earlier, data protection and security are becoming matters of increasing importance. Physical data can stop records from being hacked, but keeping them in the office doesn’t make them totally secure. If you don’t have a secure office and a system of storing documents, they can easily become lost, stolen or damaged. Storage Vault utilises 24/7 CCTV and secure keypad entry, which means your documents are safe from tampering. Only those who have access to your unit, have access to the data, making it significantly more secure.

Our document storage in Thornliebank can make your business run much smoother and safer, but it isn’t the only storage solution that Storage Vault offers. We have a variety of different storage units at various price points. You can store smaller office extras and large pieces of furniture in one of our units so as to further declutter your office space. Considering the security and ease of access, our units are very reasonably priced. You can see for yourself by trying out our unit price calculator. The Storage Vault location that is closest to Thornliebank is East Kilbride. It is just five miles away and starts from only £25 per month.

For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team are happy to help answer any queries you may have and offer guidance on the various options available.